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Learning Schemes for Power System Planning and Control

Lassetter, C., Cotilla-Sanchez, E., and Kim, J.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

Cyber-Air-Gapped Detection of Controller Attacks through Physical Interdependencies

Etigowni, S., Cintuglu, M., Kazerooni, M., Hossain, S., Sun, P., Davis, K., Mohammed, O., Zonouz, S.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

OntoEDS: Protecting Energy Delivery Systems by Collaboratively Analyzing Security Requirements

Lamp, J., Rubio-Medrano, C.E., Zhao, Z., and Ahn, G-J.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

Input Handling Done Right: Building Hardened Parsers using Language-theoretic Security

Anantharaman, P., Millian, M.C., Bratus, S., and Patterson, M.L.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

Real-time Detection of Malicious PMU Data

Mao, Z, Xu, T., and Overbye, T.J.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

Online Thevenin Parameter Tracking Using Synchrophasor Data

Jamei, M., Scaglione, A., Roberts, C., McEachern, A., Stewart, E., Peisert, S., McParland C.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

Dependable End-to-End Delay Constraints for Real-Time Systems using SDN

Kumar, R., Hasan, M., Padhy, S., Evchenko, K., Pirmanayagam, L., Mohan, S., Bobba, R.B.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

Real-Time Digital Signatures for Time-Critical Networks

Yavuz, A., Mudgerikar, A., Singla, A., Papapanagiotou, I.
Year: 2017 | Type: Journal Article

A Security Framework for SDN-enabled Smart Power Grids

Ghosh, U., Chatterjee, P., Shetty, S.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

A Learning Scheme for Microgrid Reconnection

Lassetter, C., Cotilla-Sanchez, E., Kim, J.
Year: 2017 | Type: Journal Article

Building Code for Power System Software Security

Landwehr, C.E. and Valdes, A.
Year: 2017 | Type: Technical Report

Interfacing Techniques in Testbed for Cyber-Physical Security Analysis of the Electric Power Grid

Venkataramanan, V., Srivastava, A., and Hahn A.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

Towards Adaptive and Proactive Security Assessment for Energy Delivery Systems

Lamp, J., Rubio-Medrano, C.E., Zhao, Z., Ahn, G.J.,
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

Exploring Ensemble Classifiers for Detecting Attacks in the Smart Grids

Kaur, K.J. and Hahn, A.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

An Approach to Incorporating Uncertainty in Network Security Analysis

Nguyen, H.H., Palani, K., Nicol, D. M.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

Curing the Vulnerable Parser: Design Patterns for Secure Input Handling

Bratus, S., Hermerschmidt, L., Hallberg, S.M., Locasto, M., Momot, F.D., Patterson, M.L., and Shubina, A
Year: 2017 | Type: Magazine/News Article

Cyber Resilience Metrics for Bulk Power Systems

Shetty, S., Krishnappa, B., Nicol, D.M.
Year: 2017 | Type: Other

An Interactive, Extensible Environment for Power System Simulation on the PMU Time Frame with a Cyber Security Application

Overbye, T.J., Mao, Z., Shetye, K., and Weber, J.D.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings