Photo of Dilhan Rodrigo, ITI/CREDC Managing Director

Rodrigo joins ITI/CREDC as managing director

Rodrigo to provide strategic admin leadership and ambassador of development
CREDC Co-PI William H. Sanders

Senate Hearing Highlights Grid Defense

Co-PI William H. Sanders and Board Member Robert M. Lee of Dragos, Inc. Testify
Image from website of US Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources

CREDC's Sanders, Lee in DC to Discuss Cybersecurity

CREDC Co-PI, William H. Sanders, returns to DC to discuss cybersecurity



CREDC Seminar, Tuesday, April 24 at 11:30 CT, Robert M. Lee, Dragos, Inc.



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This educational Minecraft world lets students explore electricity generation and delivery. Gamers can build and power their own town.

Workshop Archives

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CREDC Industry Workshops facilitate collaboration between industry partners and CREDC research — bringing us closer to common EDS cybersecurity and cyber-resiliency goals.