Digital image of chain links to represent blockchain technology

CREDC researchers to leverage blockchain to protect power grid supply chain

Researchers seek to develop blockchain-based tool to provide provenance for power grid supply chain
Photo of Dilhan Rodrigo, ITI/CREDC Managing Director

Rodrigo joins ITI/CREDC as managing director

Rodrigo to provide strategic admin leadership and ambassador of development
CREDC Co-PI William H. Sanders

Senate Hearing Highlights Grid Defense

Co-PI William H. Sanders and Board Member Robert M. Lee of Dragos, Inc. Testify



CREDC Industry Workshop, MIT Samberg Conference Center, Cambridge, MA - September 11-13, 2018

CREDC Summer School - June 2019 * Q Center * St. Charles, Illinois


Image representing Minecraft
Minecraft World of Power. This educational Minecraft world lets students explore electricity generation and delivery. Gamers can build and power their own town.

Emerging Tech

Image representing Scalable Identity and Key Management Scheme for MQTT
Scalable Identity and Key Management Scheme for MQTT. CREDC researchers are developing a scalable identity and key management scheme for MQTT that solves identity ontology problems in the smart grid while protecting devices from active server compromises and MITM attacks. The research team at Dartmouth College welcomes additional EDS industry collaborators.