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Pacific Northwest Energy Stakeholders join November Industry Workshop

CREDC partners PNNL, WSU, and OSU host Pacific Northwest Industry Workshop November 28-29, 2017
Adam Hahn, Washington State University

Hahn builds tools to monitor the security and understand the vulnerability of the power grid

CREDC researcher Adam Hahn develops innovative methods to understand power grid vulnerabilities and bolster system security.
Tim Yardley, Associate Director of Technology at ITI

GridEx IV pushes grid past 'breaking point'

Tim Yardley participated in GridEx security exercise that simulates cyber and physical threats on the bulk power system.



CREDC Seminar, Tuesday, February 6 at 3PM, Al Rivero, ANG Consulting, LLC



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This educational Minecraft world lets students explore electricity generation and delivery. Gamers can build and power their own town.

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CREDC Industry Workshops facilitate collaboration between industry partners and CREDC research — bringing us closer to common EDS cybersecurity and cyber-resiliency goals.