Eran Schweitzer

Student Researcher
Arizona State University

Eran Schweitzer's research work has focused on models of power systems. More specifically he has been looking at what features in the models makes particular systems believably real, and what constitutes more unique fingerprints. In practice that has often meant analyzing fairly large data sets analytical informed by manipulations of system equations. This work has been done in order to improve the ways synthetic test systems are created, as well as to understand how various subsystem models can be joined together.

Between a taking part in a few competitions and a project while on internship at a German TSO, Eran also develop some basic experience with the forecasting methods used to predict load and renewable generation in the electric system.

Before starting his PhD at Arizona State University with Prof. Anna Scaglione, Eran completed a Master’s degree in Electrical Power Engineering at the RWTH Aachen University in Germany.