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Decentralized voltage stability monitoring and control in the smart grid using distributed computing architecture

Lee, H., Niddodi, S., Srivastava, A., Bakken, D.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

Measuring Stakeholders’ Perceptions of Cybersecurity for Renewable Energy Systems

Madnick, S., Jalali, M.S., Siegel, M., Lee, Y., Strong, D., Wang, R., Ang, W.H., Deng, V., Mistree, D.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

An Emulation Environment for Prototyping PMU Data Errors

Idehen, I., Mao, Z., Overbye, T.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

Analyzing Impact of Communication Network Topologies on Reconfiguration of Networked Microgrids

Venkataramanan, V., Zhou, Y., Srivastava, A.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

Distributed Secondary Control for Isolated Microgrids under Malicious Attacks

Lu, L., Liu, H., Zhu, Z.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

Multi-Receiver GPS-based Direct Time Estimation for PMUs

Bhamidipati, S.R., Ng, Y., Gao, G.X.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

Dynamic decentralized voltage control for power distribution networks

Liu, H., Shi, W., Zhu, H.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

Detecting PLC Control Corruption via On-Device Runtime Verification

Garcia, L., Zonouz, S., Wei, D., Pfleger de Aguiar, L.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

Cyber-Physical System Security of a Power Grid: State-of-the-Art

Sun, C-C., Liu, C-C., Xie, J.
Year: 2016 | Type: Journal Article

F-DETA: A Framework for Detecting Electricity Theft Attacks in Smart Grids

Badrinath Krishna, V., Lee, K., Weaver, G., Iyer, R., Sanders, W.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

PulseSS: A Pulse-Coupled Synchronization and Scheduling Protocol for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks

Gentz, R., Scaglione, A., Ferrari, L., Hong, Y.W.P.
Year: 2016 | Type: Journal Article

Efficient Monte Carlo Evaluation of SDN Resiliency

Nicol, D.M., Kumar, R.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

TEDDI: Tamper Event Detection on Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems

Reeves, J.
Year: 2016 | Type: Ph.D. Dissertation

Safety-critical Cyber-physical Attacks: Analysis, Detection, and Mitigation

Lin, H., Alemzadeh, H., Chen, D., Kalbarczyk, Z., Iyer, R.K.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

Real-Time Co-Simulation Testbed for Microgrid Cyber-Physical Analysis

Venkataramanan, V., Hahn, A.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

Robust GPS-Based Direct Timing Estimation for PMUs

Ng, Y., Chu, A.H., Gao, G.X.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

Report of Discussions from Breakout Sessions at the 2016 Annual Industry Workshop

Cyber Resilient Energy Delivery Consortium
Year: 2016 | Type: Other