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Transmission and Distribution Co-Simulation with Possible Distribution Loops

Schweitzer, E., Hansen, J., and Fuller, J.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

AliDrone: Enabling Trustworthy Proof-of-Alibi for Commercial Drone Compliance

Liu, T., Hojjati, A., Bates, A., Nahrstedt, K.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

CloudPoS: A Proof-of-Stake Consensus Design for Blockchain Integrated Cloud

Tosh, D., Shetty, S., Foytik, P., Kamhoua, C. and Njilla, L.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

Gas and Electric Grid Unit Commitment with Coordinated N-1 Generator Contingency Analysis

Jamei, M., Schweitzer, E., Scaglione, A., and Hedman, K.W.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

Consensus-Based Intrusion Detection for the Electric Power Grid Control System

Amullen, E., Keel, L.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

Modeling Cost of Countermeasures in Software Defined Networking-enabled Energy Delivery System

Hasan, K., Shetty, S., Hassanzadeh, A., Ben Salem, M., and Chen, J.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

Analysis of Stepping Stone Attacks in Dynamic Vulnerability Graphs

Gamarra, M., Shetty, S., Gonzalez, O., Nicol, D.M., Kamhoua, C., and Njilla, L.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

Analysis of In-order Packet Delivery Network Policy Enforcement Function

Baxley, S., Bastin, N., and Gurkan, D.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

Improving Bulk Power System Resilience by Ranking Critical Nodes in the Vulnerability Graph

Haque, A., Shetty, S., and Kamdem, G.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

Reinventing the Privilege Drop: How Principled Preservation of Programmer Intent Would Prevent Security Bugs

Jenkins, I.R., Bratus, S., Smith, S., Koo, M.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

ARCADES: Analysis of Risk from Cyber Attack against DEfensive Strategies for Power Grid

Touhiduzzaman, M., Hahn, A., and Srivastava, A.
Year: 2018 | Type: Journal Article

Diversity Modeling to Evaluate Security of Multiple SDN Controllers

Maziku, H., Shetty, S., Jin, D., Kamhoua, C., Nijilla, L., and Kwiat, K.,
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

Resilient Data Collection Protocol with In-Network Processing for Oil and Gas Refinery Networks

Guo, H., Lui, K-S, Liu, T., and Nahrstedt, K.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

Cyber Security of a Power Grid: State-of-the-Art

Sun, C.C., Hahn, A., Liu, C-C.
Year: 2018 | Type: Journal Article

Learning Schemes for Power System Planning and Control

Lassetter, C., Cotilla-Sanchez, E., and Kim, J.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

End-to-End Delay Guarantees for Real-Time Systems using SDN

Kumar, R., Hasan, M. Padhy, S., Evchenko, K., Piramanayagam, L., Mohan, S., and Bobba, R.B.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

An Anatomy of Trust in Public Key Infrastructure

Huang, J., Nicol, D.M.
Year: 2017 | Type: Journal Article

Cyber-Physical Resilience: Definition and Assessment Metric

Clark, A., Zonouz, S.
Year: 2017 | Type: Journal Article