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Online Thevenin Parameter Tracking Using Synchrophasor Data

Jamei, M., Scaglione, A., Roberts, C., McEachern, A., Stewart, E., Peisert, S., McParland C.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

A Security Framework for SDN-enabled Smart Power Grids

Ghosh, U., Chatterjee, P., Shetty, S.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

Building Code for Power System Software Security

Landwehr, C.E. and Valdes, A.
Year: 2017 | Type: Technical Report

Interfacing Techniques in Testbed for Cyber-Physical Security Analysis of the Electric Power Grid

Venkataramanan, V., Srivastava, A., and Hahn A.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

Exploring Ensemble Classifiers for Detecting Attacks in the Smart Grids

Kaur, K.J. and Hahn, A.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

An Approach to Incorporating Uncertainty in Network Security Analysis

Nguyen, H.H., Palani, K., Nicol, D. M.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

Curing the Vulnerable Parser: Design Patterns fo Secure Input Handling

Bratus, S., Hermerschmidt, L., Hallberg, S.M., Locasto, M., Momot, F.D., Patterson, M.L., and Shubina, A
Year: 2017 | Type: Magazine/News Article

Cyber Resilience Metrics for Bulk Power Systems

Shetty, S., Krishnappa, B., Nicol, D.M.
Year: 2017 | Type: Other

Attack Induced Common-Mode Failures on Industrial PLCs

Lim, B., Chen, D., An, Y., Kalbarczyk, Z., Iyer, R.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

Learning Process Behavioral Baselines for Anomaly Detection

Fawaz, A.M., Sanders, W.H.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

Automated Anomaly Detection in Distribution Grids Using Micro-PMU Measurements

Jamei, M., Scaglione, A., Roberts, C., Stewart, E., Peisert, S., McParland, C., McEachern, A.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

Optimal Electricity Pricing for Societal Infrastructure Systems

Alizadeh, M.; Wai, H.-T.; Goldsmith, A.; Scaglione, A.
Year: 2017 | Type: Proceedings

Multi-Receiver GPS-Based Direct Time Estimation for PMUs

Bhamidipati, S., Ng., Y., Gao, G.X
Year: 2017 | Type: Magazine/News Article

I am Joe's Fridge: Scalable Identity in the Internet of Things

Anatharaman, P., Palani, K., Nicol, D., Smith, S.W.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

An Internet-Wide View of ICS Devices

Mirian, A., Ma, Z., Adrian, D., Tischer, M., Chuenchujit, T., Yardley, T., Berthier, B., Mason, J., Durumeric, Z., Halderman, J.A., Bailey, M.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

Load Oscillating Smart Meter Attack

Lassetter, C., Cotilla-Sanchez, E., Kim, J.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

Implementing a vertically hardened DNP3 control stack for power applications

Bratus, S., Crain, A.J., Hallberg, S., Hirsch, D.P., Patterson, M.L., Koo, M., Smith, S.W.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings

Multi-agent System for Detecting False Data Injection Attacks Against the Power Grid

Amullen, E., Lin, H., Kalbarczyk, Z., Keel, L.
Year: 2016 | Type: Proceedings